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Any one of us may experience difficult times when we need the understanding of those close in our lives to find ways through. Perhaps important relationships feel stuck, sad, or even destructive. We may be concerned by our own feelings or behaviours, or those of people close to us. Or we may wish to develop more constructive ways of responding to each other

Many people find Family Therapy and relationship counselling helps them explore new possibilities and improve their relationships and their lives.

Who we are and what we do

Jess Morris is an  experienced and accredited Family and Systemic Psychotherapist, offering systemic family therapy, couple and relationship counselling and other services to families, couples, individual adults, parents, children and young people.

She can also provide training and consultation to other professionals working with families, couples, children and young people.


Jess is a fully qualified systemic psychotherapist, am registered with AFT and accredited by UKCP. Jess works with children, young people and families in the NHS who are coping with serious struggles.


Jess offers online therapy sessions only, offering appointments for systemic and family therapy via zoom on a Tuesday evening.


Throughout Jess's career she has worked in many different types of settings, including charities, schools, local authorities, the NHS and in private practice. She has worked with many diverse issues and subjects, which families and individuals have encountered.


Jess's experience has shown her that families and individuals have unique ways of getting through their struggles. She tailors her approach to suit who ever she is  working with and together they find our way through. This can mean working across whole family groups offering sessions together and sometimes individually. Jess will think together with you about what is going to work best for you at the time. She works with children, young people and their families, adult family groups, couples and adult individuals.


Jess aims to provide a non-judgemental safe space where clients can talk about and work on what they would like to change. Using a strengths-based approach, she supports clients to build on and recognise their own skills and resilience. Jess is creative and likes using different types of communication, especially when words can be hard to find, using objects, drawing, making and play to support expression.


Jess offers a first session as a consultation, for 40 minutes. This will give all a chance to find out if you and Jess are a good fit, talk about terms and conditions and what you would like to work on and change.


Sometimes a longer session is required when there is a large family, or a young person may have some time alone and then some more time together with the rest of the family.


Cancellation policy

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please let Jess know as soon as possible; as a minimum, 48 working hours’ notice is required for cancellation of appointment, to enable time to offer the appointment to someone else who may be waiting. A cancellation with less time given will incur a full session fee.

Please contact me directly at


First appointment, consultation; 40 minutes - £45

Appointments 50/90 minutes - £70/£95

Jess offers therapy online only currently. For training and consulation for professionals, please enquire by email.

We hope this website provides you with useful information. If you have further questions, referral queries or wish to arrange an initial

appointment,  email 

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